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Children on SafariWhen planning a family safari, be it in Africa or somewhere else you need to make sure that it will be fun and safe for everyone. Here are some things to remember especially if you have kids tagging along:

Reality check

Parents should leave the animal checklists at home. You may see lions, giraffes, elephants, rhinos among others. Or maybe not. Remind everyone that you will not be visiting a zoo and there is a good chance you will not see every animal on the picture book. Also do not guarantee kids that they will see big cats chasing their lunch.

Bring some food

Most likely you will be heading out very early in the morning. After a few hours, the granola bars and bottles of water will come very handy.

Don’t forget the cameras

You might have the long-lens camera but for everyone’s enjoyment, let them be photographers themselves. Bring point-and-shoot digicams for each of the kids so they can capture their most memorable experiences.

Be ready for down time

Your group will head out early and be back at the camp before lunch time. The next drive will be in the afternoon. So you and the kids will have a lot of hours of down time. Make sure you bring some books and gadgets that can keep the kids busy.

Be quiet, be still

When you go out on a safari, you need to remind the kids to be still and be quiet. Any loud sound and sudden movements may startle the animals. Most of the time, the animals will rush away but there are times that they might feel threatened, defend their ground, and attack you.

Family safaris are great quality time with the parents and the kids. It is a great time to enjoy the sun and come close as possible to the wildlife you have only seen before in pictures or movies. Here are some great safaris that every member of the family will enjoy:

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya

You will be staying in a comfortable bush home with access to a beautiful infinity lawn. There are open living areas, two cottages, and double tents. The local Maasai people are warm hosts who are willing to share their knowledge with the kids. The kids will learn how to start a fire, make bows and arrws, and some traditional dance. They also have some animals in the camp that can be used for guided tours in the bush.

Jaci’s Camp in South Africa

This contemporary camp is located in the 75,000-hectare Madikwe Game Reserve. The private reserve is tagged as malaria free so it is safe for kids and adults alike who do not want to take their tablets prior to the trip. There are drives especially designed for children. These are tours that will let kids know about the animals, plants, insects, and stars. They are short enough so kids will not be bored.

Kapani Lodge in Zambia

The kids of the owners were raised in the bush so you know they understand how kids will enjoy a safari. The family continues to impart their bush knowledge through safaris in this lodge in South Luangwa. The safari involves the kids in a program that will help them understand a lot about plants, animals, local tales, and some sports.

Chongwe River House in Zambia

Chongwe is a private bush house in the Zambezi Valley. You and your kids will enjoy the sound of lions roaring across the valley at night. Occassionaly, there are hippos strolling on the lawn to enjoy the grass. The safari house can house eight people and stands overlooking the waters so there is also easy access to fishing, boating, and kayaking.

family-vacation-in-costa-ricaFamily getaways are fun and time so precious spent with your spouse and kids. Bringing more than one kid though can pose some challenges along the way. Give it a few days and the children might no longer be in a happy vacation mode and might start pulling each other’s hair. And the parents will be very frustrated because of the chaos or because you have gone beyond what you planned to spend.

Enjoying Paris, no compromises

Paris is a great destination for families but it is not of course that romantic when you are going with the kids. You might want to hit the spa but the kids need some fun time at the amusement park or for some ice cream. Kids of course will not enjoy a fancy dinner in one of the best restaurants in Paris. One good solution will be to book a the Le Meurice htoel. The view from your room is great plus the stuff hold activities especially for kids while the adults are enjoying their Parisian holiday.

Family fun in Disneyland

Well every kid dreams of seeing Mickey Mouse and other Disney favorites. You might have prepared the money for this family getaway but are you ready to immerse in the environment meant to be enjoyed by kids? You can get a suite at the Grande Lakes for the family and once the kids are done with their Disneyland tour, you and your spouse can enjoy some time in the spa, eat in a classy restaurant, or go for a round of golf.

Family time in a European villa

While renting villas in Europe sounds an adult getaway, you can find vacation hosts like Homes Away to find a villa that will cater for all members of the family. The kids will enjoy such activities as pizza-making, games, and even hot-air balloon ride to see the vineyards.

Mollies Boutique HotelYou are in for a wonderful nature trip when you head to New Zealand. We are pretty sure you have on your must-sees the best New Zealand destinations like the Milford Sound, Franz Jozef Glacier, Mount Cook, or the Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay wineries. But most likely you will be passing thru one of its major cities, and you will find a good reason to stay a bit when you book a room in one of the best luxury hotels in New Zealand:

The Spire

This 5-star New Zealand hotel is in Queenstown. This is also the destination if you want to go heli-skiing, whitewater rafting, ziplining, or bungee jumping. The Spire is just a few minutes from the center of the town and offers ten rooms that is best defined by the words luxury travel. Each room has a working desk, oversized beds, and big windows that offer a good view of the city and Lake Wakatipu.

You can book a room here starting at NZ$1,035.

The George

The George hotel is located in Christchurch which was devastated by a strong earthquake last year. The city is still trying to recover from the damages brought about by the tremors. Even The George had to shut down for a few months before to do repair works. The hotel offers 53 rooms which follows a minimalist concept and dominated by taupe, black, and white color themes. It is located a few minutes from the Hagley Park and the Avon River.

A night in this New Zealand luxury hotel will set you back by at least NZ$481.

Mollies Boutique Hotel

Mollies is located in Auckland and just a few hops from the CBD and the harbor. The old building offers a good place to retreat from a busy day but it is also very proximate to classy boutiques if you want to do some quick shopping and to bistros located on Ponsonby Road. Aside from the usual amenities, this hotel has a library and a drawing room.

A room at the Mollies Boutique Luxury hotel starts at NZ$1,035.

You might have enjoyed the magic of the snow and the slopes when you were young and now that you have a family, it is time to pass on the love for the winter wonderland to the young members of the brood. They will not be joining you in covering long trails but those little legs should start young and learn how to enjoy the snow-clad grounds. Here’s a round up of the best ski resorts in the United States perfect for your winter family holiday:

Breton Woods in New Hampshire

From Boston, you can get to the White Mountains in just less than three hours. The best family ski resort in the area is the Omni Mount Washington. The weather is consistently good plus its facing the east so you do not have to worry about the strong northwest wind. The slopes are also well covered by snow so if you are a parent teaching your kid to slope, you do not have to worry about exposed or sharp rocks. There is also a Kid’s Club that holds games and a ton of activities for the youngsters.

Crested Butte in Colorado

The slopes in this part of the Colorado Rockies are covered with powdery snow without the icy patches. Adults will not have to worry about kids that might fumble and tumble while learning how to snowboard or ski. There is also a special terrain designed for the kids.

Jay Peak in Vermont

Jay Peak boasts of fifty miles of ski trails 100 acres of routes, and several terrain parks. It is located just sixty miles from the international airport in Vermont and offers some fun for adults and kids a like who want to ski or snow board. There are also school programs for kids organized according to age and skills of the kids.

Sun Valley in Idaho

Sun Valley is actually the first resort in the Rockies which installed the first chairlift and organized the first skiing school. Sun Valley is perfect for families looking to bond in winter time and what is also great about it is that it isn’t to commercialized compared to other resorts in the Rockies.

Sheraton-New-York-300x201Now, I am not the biggest Starwood fan in the world, I am Marriott all the way, but that comes from my experience working inside of Marriott’s global company and knowing the service and values.  Starwood however is doing some amazing things and I can tell you for sure that they are coming up with some the trendiest hotels now.

Starwood as a whole has actually been pumping about $6 billion dollars into overhauling the Sheraton brand and has actually taken their name off of at least three dozen hotels just because they have not met the newest standards that Starwood is setting forth.

This hotel though, the one in the heart of Time Square is actually being deflagged in April, just because this particular hotel is not met the standards.  However, it will undergo renovation of $90 million dollars and when it’s done?  It will be an incredible hotel.

Andaz-Wall-Street-300x221Whenever you are traveling in New York, you have to make sure that you are staying at a hotel that reflects a lot of the New York fashion.  New York is one of those places that I absolutely love to visit, summer, spring, winter or fall – the season does not matter at all!

With spring right around the corner though, I have to say that I am super excited about the Andaz Wall Street.  This is actually one Hyatt hotel that I would love to stay at and it is actually in the financial district of New York.  Not only is this hotel one of the best in the world for New York, but look at the rooms.

Come on, that bed, the chair, the pillows, the desk?  It all screams New York and looks pretty darn chic!


Now that we have talked a little bit about Cambria and what you can expect there whenever you go, let’s talk about another place in California that is absolutely incredible.  Ojal Valley.  This place is actually known for their beautiful and great spas as well as they wine country that it sits on.

The ambiance is absolutely incredible and I have to say that this particular place in California is magically.  Especially when you consider one of its premier hotels, the Ojai Valley Inn, which is actually rated 5 stars on Orbitz, which is a hard rating to get. 

This place certainly has a cool, hippie and chic feeling, which is not a lot of places and I can tell you for sure that you will relax wherever you are in California!


One place that seems to be extremely under appreciated by everyone but the people that live there is California; this sunny, sunny state is actually fabulous if you are looking to get away for a little bit on a weekend.  California is filled with all sorts of different things and different sites to see and I can tell you for sure that it is breathtakingly beautiful.

While the weather in California might be a little chilly, right now – in March, the weather is just fine for a sunset stroll on the beautiful beaches.  If you are looking for a town to stay in, Cambria is certainly one place that is known for their beautiful beaches and their unique accommodations. 

Mainly, back in 2009, Cambria actually just had a lot of B&Bs, nowadays though, there are many different hotels, specifically the Colibri Boutique Hotel, which is breathtakingly beautiful!

atlantic_cityThis spot may come as a huge shocker, but Atlantic City can be a surprisingly great place to go during the Easter holiday as well.

The Easter parade staged every year is a definite draw. And actually, it is the oldest Easter parade in the entire nation.

It takes place along the famed boardwalk, so it is a visual draw in any number of ways.

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